The MK Council Steering Committee met on Monday, the 5th June,2017 to conduct an appraisal of developments around joint preparations for an all-inclusive MK conference. This follows the recent sitting of the ANC-NEC which received a report from the Secretary General, Cde Gwede Mantashe on progress around these preparations.

We welcome the decision of the ANC-NEC to set-up a team of 10 NEC members  who are going to be seized with this matter. We are satisfied with this decision and have confidence that these individual members are fit for purpose because the overwhelming majority of them are former MK members in good standing. The Steering Committee looks forward to interacting with these comrades at the earliest available opportunity.

It is against this backdrop that the Steering Committee wishes to distance itself from the treacherous and divisive decision of the MKMVA NEC to convene a unilateral conference aimed at perpetuating disunity and the marginalization of hundreds of destitute former MK members, under the pretext of observing an obscure MKMVA constitution.

We condemn this intransigence and self-seeking motives in the strongest terms possible, and call on all genuine cadres of Umkhonto We Sizwe, particularly those in leadership roles, to disassociate themselves with this betrayal and ensure that the boastful and noisy characters who have been rewriting our history are exposed and embarrassed.

Once again we wish to place it on record that we shall not be deterred in the face of this provocation and we remain committed to prepare for an all-inclusive MK conference. Together with the many politically disciplined former cadres of MK we will bury the demon of divisions and strange political mischief and attempts to sponsor vigilantism in our ranks. The new date of our all-inclusive conference will be communicated after our sitting next week.

The Steering Committee will indeed lead the MK community in a decisive effort, sparring neither courage nor strength, in defence of our revolutionary gains, in honour of those who have paid the supreme sacrifice for our freedom and democracy.

In this regard, we draw courage from the renewed focus and militancy within the Congress Alliance, not to let the enemy pass. Indeed, our people, members of the ANC and its followers and the broad community of patriotic South Africans must refuse to have our hard-won freedom disappear like a mist under the morning sun.

The rapidly deepening crisis of confidence in our movement once again confirms the correctness of our view that only a Special Consultative Conference has the possibility to devise interventions that can arrest our downslide. The Steering Committee is of the firm view that the much publicized National Policy Conference is a costly detraction from requisite efforts to save the ANC. For that reason, the Steering Committee has decided not to have anything to do with the pending ANC NPC, as we intimated before. We will communicate our action plan towards saving the ANC in a week from now after consultations.



Gen. Sphiwe Nyanda (Ret)

Thabang Makwetla