The MK National Council has over the past eight months patiently and painstakingly strove to attain the unification of the community of MK former members. The Steering Committee of MK National Council commends the officials of MKMVA who took a brave and resolute stance to disassociate themselves from the divisive and provocative agenda of Kebby Maphatsoe who organized the sham conference which took place at Birchwood on the 8-11 June 2017. This so-called conference was convened in violation of, among others, some of the basic constitutional requirements governing MKMVA conferences, which Mr Maphatsoe claims to champion. This stage-managed gathering, is intended to perpetuate unaccountability and corruption in the name of Umkhonto weSizwe, in the midst of severe basic needs of genuine erstwhile freedom fighters. We believe that the stance taken by the majority of MKMVA officials will go a long way in providing leadership in an environment which cries out for more vision and integrity.

Following a meeting with these comrades, the Steering Committee has committed itself to resuming the joint preparations of our joint-task-team for an all inclusive MKMVA conference, disrupted by Kebby.

This will Commence with regional visits from the weekend of the 23rd June 2017 culminating with the long anticipated MK conference at the end of August 2017.

Along side this program, the Steering Committee will remain in consultation with the ANC NEC Committee of 10, and will work closely with the office of the Secretary General of the ANC, cde G Mantashe to take this process forward. This is the single-minded mission that will inform our activities in the coming weeks.

Appreciating that the effort to reinvigorated the ANC takes place within the context of seething communities as a result of deepening socio-economic challenges, the Steering Committee undertake to actively collaborate with all stakeholders in responding to the myriad of issues affecting our people’s daily lives.