Comrade Mduduzi Mbada is the ANC Mzala Branch Chairperson in Ward 54, Joburg

For a comprehensive understanding of the Liberation Movement, and MK teachings and position on monopoly capital discourse read the works of;

  1. Heather Hughes’ First President, A Life of JL DUBE, in particular Chapters on Vukani Bantu and A Person Worst Enemy,
  2. The writings of Chief Albert Luthuli’s Let My People Go, chapters, No Grazing in White Pastures & Whose is South Africa? Who owns South Africa?,
  3. Govan Mbeki, Oom Gov’s writings Man and his Country and Learning from Robben Island complied by Colin Bundy. Pt 2, The Rise and Growth of Afrikaner Capital I, II & III and part four, Economic History, SA, Monopoly Capitalism and Who benefit from Aparthied

I want to believe this is one of the first and focus position of the ANC teachings on the economic subject and in particular on the aspect of monopoly capital. This was uMrabulo for Political Prisoners

In the MK Camps, Political Discourse was shape by the teaching methodology of Cde Prof Jack Simons. Please read his work: The Political Lectures and Diary of Jack Simons – Novo Catengue, as edited by Marion SPARG, Jenny SCHREINER & Gwen ANSELL

This list is not exhaustive, those with love of the Peoples’ Movement will also read Fifty Fighting Years, Colonization of Special Type and Ready to Govern. All this and many other works in the ANC have dealt with the aspect of the economy and those who are in control of the levers of economic control.

I’m sure Prof. Chris Malikane will in future also refer to this body on knowledge and enlighten us further.

So Cdes lets go and read our own materials, so that no one will soon claim this wealth of knowledge. This is done also so that we know when those who never and will never like nor support the People’s course, vulgarize our knowledge and reduce a very important work to media spin.

Those whose support the spin doctors and justify the replacement of conglomerates of dynasties by another, in the pretext of pseudo-empowerment and narrow interests, need to revisit their political mentors teachings and tools of analysis.

Unless they believe the ‘now is our turn’ mantra!!! Then we must all read Hyena by Mongane Wally Serote!!!!

N.B. Those who care and bother to understand the Movement’s teachings and political education, including MCW, will appreciate that the current epoch requires the right tools of analyses and accept that the reality that the enemy is within. Then we can move from the same basis to deal with our challenges