Comrade Paul Mashatile, Provincial Chairperson of the ANC Gauteng.
‘Ronnie Mamoepa was one of the most talented communicators in post apartheid South Africa’
Yesterday (Sunday, 23 July) our country woke up to the sad news of the passing of a gentle communications giant, Cde Ronnie Mamoepa. Indeed, a communications bamboo tree has fallen!
Whilst devastated, I am consoled by the selflessness and dedication of Cde Ronnie who never wavered in his commitment to the liberation of our country. On behalf of the ANC Gauteng Province and myself, I express our heartfelt condolences to the family of Cde Ronnie Mamoepa, who passed on on Saturday night. Cde Ronnie was a communicator extraordinaire who served on various capacities both within the ANC and government with distinction.
One of the youngest political prisoners on Robben Island at 18 years, Cde Ronnie never gave up as he endured prison life and then continued with the struggle for freedom and democracy after his release.
Having cut his political teeth in the crucible of student and community struggles on the dusty streets of Attridgeville, Cde Ronnie led galant struggles against apartheid and for freedom and democracy. Our movement invested in him to become one of the most accomplished communicators of our time. His sharp communications skills led to him becoming the Secretary for Publicity of the United Democratic Front in the Transvaal
He then proceeded to become the Spokesperson of the ANC after the unbanning – a role he performed with aplomb.
One not to miss an opportunity to defend our movement’s position and win countless battles of ideas through supremacy of his and the movement’s ideas, Cde Ronnie would always be available to provide both content that explain the ANC’s vision and plans whilst ready to give soundbites should the need arise. He was polished and his humility and mental sharpness were his greatest assets when faced with hostility from a section of the media.
After the first democratic elections in our country, Cde Ronnie became a member of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature as part of contributing to building a democratic, non-racial and non-sexist society. When the need arose for seasoned communicators who not only understood but also lived ANC policies, our movement couldn’t look further than Cde Ronnie. It is therefore not surprising that he became an accomplished public servant and savvy communicator who contributed to building a strong government communications machinery.
Cde Ronnie occupied various communications positions in a number of government departments and he passes on serving as the Spokesperson for the Deputy President since 2014. The ANC has lost one of its own.
Tribute to a true revolutionary and accomplished communicator, Cde Ronnie Mamoepa, by the Chairperson of ANC Gauteng Province, Cde Paul Mashatile