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9 December 2016

MEC Takes to the podium and welcomes companies says today is about listening to our partners

On Friday, the Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development MEC Cde Jacob Mamabolo held a meeting with construction companies at Birchwood Hotel in Ekurhuleni Municipality in order to find ways of improving their partnership and work together.

The meeting in Benoni with GDID service providers was meant to touch on the creation of employment and taking accountability.

The ANC-led government hopes to use this gathering as a platform to get value for money by delivering quality infrastructure on time as well as to pay companies within 30 days.
The meeting was a follow up between these individuals as promised by the Department. Cde Mamabolo stated, “When we met earlier this year I committed to sit with you and hear you.

It is no secret that the sector has been experiencing difficulties for some time and that a large number of companies are struggling to make returns."

He further stressed the importance of their partnership and how the Department wants them to learn from each other.

GDID’s commitment to ensuring a good relationship with these companies is expressed through their 30 days payment email account and their commitment to bring transparency into the system.

The total value of these accounts is R116 million and the department has managed to resolve R91 million accounts.

Comrade Mamabolo further pleaded that no students in the construction sector find themselves standing at a robot looking for a job.

He proposed that they together make it possible for students to register at the Gauteng Province Department of Infrastructure Development for job placements.
The ANC-led Gauteng Government is also working towards building a centre of excellence for artisans, to take those youths with no hope and train them.

Cde Mamabolo further affirmed “I want us to make sure that EPWP is a key performance indicator in project delivery”.

The Department would like to make every project an EPWP project according to the MEC.

Moreover, he assured those in the meeting that the Gauteng Government will make sure that the auction of its residential properties is transparent and fair.