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04 June 2016

Programme Director, David Makhura, Deputy Chairperson and Premier of our Province
The President of the ANC, Comrade Jacob Zuma
Members of the National Executive Committee
Members of the Provincial Executive Committee
Members of Regional Executive Committees
Veterans of our Movement, Andrew Mlangeni
Leaders of the Alliance
Leaders of the Veteran'sLeague, the Women's League and Youth League
Business Leaders
Members of the Diplomatic Corps
Members of the Media
Comrades and Compatriots
The people of Gauteng:


Dumelang, Sanibonani, Avhusheni, Ndimatsheroni, Goeie more! Molweni!

Lifikile usuku ebesilindele. Namhlanje sihlangane sonke ngoba sithanda inhlango yabantu, iANC!

Rethabile hore letlile mona ka bongata ba lona hobane ANC le a e rata!

Vharangaphanda vaa ANC Gauteng Province vho takalelathikhedzo ya vhathu vhote vho konaho u da kha mushumo hoyu. Ri ya Livhuwa!

Vurhangeri bya ANC Gauteng byi tsakengopfu lo ko miswikotile ku seketela siku leriwana rankoka ka ANC. Ha mikhensa!

Fellow South Africans, People of Gauteng, we are gathered here today to launch the Manifesto of the African National Congress in Gauteng, in preparation for the 2016 local government elections to be held on the 3rd of August this year. For more than 104 years the African National Congress has remained true to its tradition of being a Parliament of all the People of South Africa and a trusted custodian of their genuine aspirations. Throughout these years of struggle as the ANC we have been steadfast in our commitment to building a truly united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous South Africa, where all live as equals in peace and harmony. Allow me to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have joined us this morning to come and listen to the message of the African National Congress, your movement, the people's movement. You came in your thousands, traveling from all corners of the Gauteng Province and some from outside of our province to demonstrate your unequivocal support to the African National Congress. Let me also thank all those who could not attend the rally today but are listening to our message from home. My gratitude goes to all of you.

Our clarion call as articulated in our manifesto is:

Together Advancing People's Power in Every Community's Local Government is in Your Hands!

We are happy that the ANC has done a lot for our people. The ANC will continue to work with the people to radically transform, modernize and reindustrialize Gauteng. Today, as the ANC we are here to make a solemn pledge to you the people of Gauteng and fellow South Africans that in the coming five years of local government we will work even harder, together with communities, to build strong, democratic, transparent and accountable local government. As the ANC together with you we are building activist municipalities that are caring and responsive as we seek to deepen and expand the gains we have made thus far in delivering services effectively and efficiently. We are promoting inclusive local economic growth, job creation, transformation and empowerment. As part of strengthening participatory democracy, as the ANC through Ntirhisano, which means working together with you the people, we have been galvanizing communities to help solve problems and rapidly responding to their issues. This is what we mean we talk about an activist government. Ntirhisano is about working together. We are proud that, once more, working with our communities we have been able to nominate the best among us to become ANC councilors. We have no doubt that the men and women we have nominated to be our councilors will serve you, the people, diligently, sparing no effort to ensure a qualitative change in your lives.

The ANC will also continue to ensure that those we deploy in local government are capacitated with the requisite technical skills to execute the people's mandate. We will also ensure regular monitoring and evaluation so that our public representatives serve our people well.

Remember: Local Government is in your hands!

Important anniversaries

This year marks twenty years since the signing into law of our democratic constitution in 1996 by our father Tata Nelson Mandela, who has left us a proud legacy of reconciliation, unity, peace and dignity for all.

As the ANC and indeed the people of South Africa we are proud to be the children of Nelson Mandela; to be the primary defenders of his legacy; to be his foot soldiers. We will never betray his legacy and the teachings of his generations. His memory will remain forever etched in our hearts and minds.

Viva the Spirit of Nelson Mandela! Viva!

Our constitution, enjoins us to build local government that is democratic and accountable to all the communities; that has the capacity to ensure the provision of services to communities in a sustainable manner; to promote social and economic development; to promote a safe and healthy environment; and to encourage the involvement of communities and community organizations in matters of local government. As the ANC working in partnership with you the people we remain committed to upholding the constitution and its values.

Accordingly, the ANC we will continue to work with you to build democratic local government institutions that are based on the will of the people and give effect to the values of our constitution. The ANC will work with you the people to ensure that local government gives you an opportunity to determine your fate. Remember: local government is in your hands!

This year also marks the 40th Anniversary of the Soweto youth uprisings. This was a watershed moment in the history of our country; a moment when young people changed the course of history and advanced further our struggle for liberation. In honouring the heroism and bravery of the youth of 1976, we will work hard together with the youth and you the people, to ensure that we build a local government that is youth friendly; that places a high premium on youth development, youth employment, youth training and skills development as well as creating opportunities for young people to be entrepreneurs.

We must focus on youth development because our province is a youthful province. We are pleased to announce that we have already packaged interventions aimed at developing the youth. These include, the Tshepo 500 000 programme, through which we will, by 2019, facilitate employment, training and skills development as well as entrepreneurship opportunities for five hundred thousand young people across our province.

Equally our cities have invested in youth empowerment and development initiatives. I will detail what each city has done and continues to do in this regard.

Uzoyithola kanjani! Uhlelekhoneni!

In addition, as the ANC as part transforming the economy, we are doing a lot in revitilising the township economy. Townships will now become centres of production. It is for this reason that as the ANC we are investing in the building industrial parks and supporting existing so that SMME's and township entrepreneurs can grow and participate meaningfully in the economy. We are partnering with big the private sector to ensure that we truly transform townships and get many four people to be actively involved in the economy.

Our journey thus far

On this important occasion, I wish on behalf of the African National Congress, its leaders and our entire membership to thank heartily the people of South Africa, who over the past successive local government elections have shown confidence in the ANC by renewing our mandate to govern at local government level.

As the ANC we are humbled by this gesture from you the people. We have never taken it for granted! Since 1994, we came to you and asked you to vote for the ANC so that together we can build Better Communities.

Specifically we asked for your mandate to build local economies that create jobs, decent work and sustainable livelihoods; improve local public services and broaden access to them; build more united, non-racial, integrated and safer communities; promote more active community participation in local government and build a more effective, accountable and clean local government.

Together with you we started working hard to achieve these goals. It has not been an easy journey, but today we can say without any fear of contradiction that our people's lives are far better today than they were before 1994 the Gauteng of today and our Cities are much better places than before 1994.

As the ANC we want to assure you that under the ANC leadership tomorrow will even be much, much better than today! Over the years together with you we have been hard at work in building Gauteng as a globally competitive city Region that is economically and socially inclusive. In line with this approach our Provincial Government and Municipalities continue to work together in a seamless manner, creating formidable corridors of development each with their own unique competitive and comparative advantages. To achieve our vision of a Gauteng City Region, working together with you and with local government we are currently implementing a programme of Transformation, Modernization and Reindustrialization; the TMR.

We believe that the TMR is the most direct route towards the achievement of the goals of the Freedom Charter and the National Development Plan, Vision 2030. Furthermore through the TMR, we seek to consolidate Gauteng's position as the economic engine of South Africa, contributing 35% to total GDP; 40% to national employment; 42% to total industrial output; 63% to national exports, a leading subnational destination for Foreign Direct Investment into Africa and a home to 45% of SMMEs in the country. Our cities, especially our Metros are the drivers not only of the provincial economy but also of the national economy. The City of Joburg contributes 15% to national GDP, Tshwane 9% and Ekurhuleni 7%. The ANC working with you the people, is succeeding in transforming and growing the economy because we have strong partnerships with the private sector, labour and the rest of society. Going forward as the ANC we will work hard to consolidate and further enhance the important role played by our cities as engines for economic growth, employment, innovation and invention.

We will focus our energies in strengthening our Cities also because they are the most cosmopolitan, Afropolitan and culturally diverse.

As a result of the good work the ANC is doing, more than 250 000 people on average per year migrate to our cities. These people see our cities as places of hope, places of vast opportunities. Let me now turn to the progress we are making in our five development corridors, our cities, and the pledge we are making to move forward our province.

Central Corridor

The Central Development Corridor, anchored around the City of Joburg, is our hub for the finance, services, ICT and pharmaceutical industries. Over the past five years the City of Joburg, has been rolling out the most radical youth empowerment programme in the country, partnering with over 250 companies, breaking down the barriers to jobs in large and small companies. The City is expanding this programme every day with new kinds of ways for young people to enter jobs or create their own jobs in new companies. Through the Jozi@work programme, the ANC we has led the City to aggressively grow the township economy, with assistance to over 24 000 small businesses. Over 10 000 residents, clustered into 1 000-plus community-based companies have been given the chance to partner with the City to deliver services and fix issues in their own backyard and build businesses out of it. In the coming five years we will kickstart 50 000 small businesses, creating livelihoods for 1 in 4 people currently not working. The City continues to empower young people by providing them with skills and education using video-learning at local libraries, which have been transformed into technical schools and universities.

This system is now expanding to help those who require better marks in Maths, Science or English, to rewrite their exams and access the job market. In the coming five years, we commit to giving 1 million young people in the City of Joburg vocational, educational or employment opportunities, so that we break down barriers to getting jobs and starting companies. This initiative will be undertaken as part of the Vula indlela eJozi programme. Over the past five years, through the Corridors of Freedom Project, as the ANC we have made decisive interventions to change the City of Joburg into a city where all can live, work and play in places close to each other. We are breaking down the divide between townships and the suburbs to allow for quicker movement of people. We are also linking the living and working spaces of the inner-city by extending affordable public transport to new centers in different parts of the city. Specifically, as we implement the Corridors of Freedom Project, we are bringing new life, to Fleurhof and South Hills; to Kliptown and Jabulani; to Turffontein and Rosettenville; to the student halls and shopping squares of Empire Road; to Randburg, Orlando East and Park Station. Along Louis Botha, we are connecting the Inner City, Orange Grove, Alexandra and Sandton.

In the coming five years of local government, we guarantee and average of 1 kilometer of walking distance for all those along our Corridors of Freedom. Over the past five years, we have introduced affordable, safe, dignified and reliable public transport, including Rea Vaya buses which the City owns with the taxi industry. These are supported by the new fleet of Metro buses and the Gautrain. Our commitment in the coming years is to continue increasing the City's massive spending on roads, bridges, electricity grids, water pipes and public facilities, so that all of these work better and serve you, the people, better. We commit to keeping all main roads well-maintained as well as ensuring that all main roads are pothole free and have working traffic lights.

We have led the City to help over 150 000 people 47 000 of the city's poorest, hungriest households to get cheaper sometimes even free food and to grow their own food. Going forward we commit the City to completing the 60 000 homes in South Hills, Fleurhof, Lufhereng and Malibongwe Ridge. We also commit the city to bringing high speed internet to an increasing number of neighborhoods, through a total of 5000 Wi-Fi hotspots by end of term.

The Eastern Corridor

The Eastern Development Corridor, the City of Ekurhuleni, is our manufacturing, logistics and transport hub. It hosts Africa's busiest airport, OR Tambo International Airport and is the center of Gauteng's Aerotropolis.

In the City of Ekurhuleni, we have completed 7,1 kms of the dedicated Bus Rapid Transit system routes and we have constructed 30 kms of pedestrian walkways and cycle lanes constructed between Tembisa and Isando. This BRT system called Harrambee, once concluded will afford the people of Ekurhuleni a safe, reliable and affordable public transport.

We have electrified 27 695 subsidised households and installed an additional 6 972 streetlights throughout the City since 2011. More than 50 000 people living in informal settlements now have access to solar energy. To support youth development, we have initiated a Work Readiness Experiential Learning Programme which has already placed 5 000 young people across various stakeholder companies on a two-year contract. We have also facilitated R350 million worth of procurement opportunities to local companies owned by women, youth and people with disabilities.

To support SMMEs development including township enterprises, we have development of five new township economic hubs in Etwatwa, Vosloorus, Duduza and KwaThema and projects worth R140 million to 20 emerging contractors through the Vukuphile programme. In order to strengthen local infrastructure and support economic growth and job creation, we have invested R1.6 billion in the upgrading and refurbishment of the City's electricity network and R2.7 billion in our roads and storm water infrastructure.

In addition 36 of identified 48 clinics acquired the ideal clinics status from National Government. These are clinics that open on time, are clean, do not close until the last patient has been attended and whose staff is professional and fully embraces the values of Batho Pele; People First.

Going forward in Ekurhuleni we commit to the further implementation of the O. R. Tambo Aerotropolis and its catalytic projects. The O. R. Tambo Aerotropolis, will be Africa's first Aerotropolis. It will strengthen our efforts to reindustrialize the economy of the Gauteng City Region and consolidate Ekurhuleni's position as Africa's Workshop a manufacturing hub for our country and the continent.

The R51 billion in PRASA's New Rolling Stock and the Tambo Springs Inland Port development projects will further boost our industrialization efforts. We will also establish the Ekurhuleni Investment Centre to develop a comprehensive investment facilitation programme for the City. We are also committing to making further investments in Ekurhuleni to support local economic development in sectors such as Logistics, Manufacturing, Education, Trade, Construction and Hospitality. We will spend R53 million to build six community farms, infrastructure and irrigation systems to incubate 100 emerging farmers; R150 million to build municipal township industrial park in Labore, Withoek Industrial park and Geluksdal/Tsakane; R45 million to refurbish and develop 10 township municipal shops; R60 million to build a new Township Enterprise Hub at Reiger Park and construction of Ramaphosa Vocational Skills Centre; and R33 million to build multi-purpose trading facilities at Lamola Street at Nhlapho section in Katlehong.

Northern Corridor

The Northern Development Corridor, the City of Tshwane, is our nation's administrative capital and the hub of the automotive sector, research, development, innovation and the knowledge-based industries. In the City of Tshwane, we have formalized 62 townships and proclaimed 13 townships thus impacting in excess of 20,000 families. We achieved 98.5 percent of the installation of new water pipelines and 100 percent replacement of old water pipelines. We have upgraded substations in Mamelodi, Eldoraigne and Bronkhorstspruit and efforts to complete the upgrading of the Rietvlei in-feed substation are at an advanced stage.

More than R136 million has been spent to improve transport related infrastructure such as pedestrian walkways, upgrading of taxi ranks in Mabopane, Soshanguve and Ga-Rankuwa. We are proud that 52 percent of cooperatives supported by the City were run by young people. More than R273 million has been allocated to Tshepo 10 000 co-operatives until 2017.

We launched the Tshwane Informal Traders Bursary Fund for the children and immediate dependents of informal traders.

We are proud of the City of Tshwane multi-award winning programme to roll out free-wifi in the city. To date 1.4 million unique devices have accessed the TshWi-Fi network. A total of 776 TshWi-Fi zones with a total of 261 sites have been deployed in the City within the last twelve months; resulting in Tshwane being the largest Wi-Fi network in Africa. We regard the latest R6 billion investment by BMW at its Rosslyn Plant as a major vote of confidence in the economy of the City of Tshwane, which will further consolidate Tshwane's position as the undisputed home of the automotive industry. Going forward in the City of Tshwane, we commit that, through various interventions we will facilitate the creation of an additional 160,000 jobs in education, 120,000 jobs in agri-business and 70,000 jobs in tourism.

In partnership with the private sector, we will create the largest fast-moving consumer goods manufacturing plant within the Sunderland Ridge area of the City and a significant retail development within the Mamelodi area. In addition Ford Motor Company will invest R2.5 billion in its Silverton plant to commence production of the Everest SUV, which is envisaged to create an additional 1 200 jobs. Work is underway to establish an Automotive City of Rosslyn. This will be a new post-apartheid, mixed use city.

To further increase connectivity within the City, we are planning to roll out an additional 1 500 km of broadband fibre across the City. The A re yeng BRT system is already in operation and is providing better mobility for commuters in and around the city with expansions being planned for the Wonderboom and Mabopane/Soshanguve routes.

Western Corridor

The Western Development Corridor, the West Rand District Municipality, was primarily a mining economy which has experienced serious decline. A new diverse economy is already being created around tourism leveraging on the Maropeng World Heritage Site, agriculture and agro-processing, the Lanseria Airport City and renewable energy industries. In the West Rand we are proud that as a result of our various interventions we have facilitated the creation of more than 20 000 jobs.

The tourism potential of this corridor is being strengthened by the discovery of homo naledi, in Maropeng the Cradle of Humankind. As part of harnessing the agro-processing potential of this Corridor, we have established Agriparks in Bekkersdal, Merafong and Tarlton.

We have no doubt that the implementation of the recently adopted West Rand Economic and Industrial Plan will change the economic fortunes of this Corridor for the better. We are particularly pleased that the mines have joined us in the redevelopment of the western corridor. In addition we are making progress in developing a new integrated mega city, in Seyferfontein. The development of this city will also contribute towards our plans of revitilising and decertify in the economy of the West Rand.

Southern Corridor

The Southern Development Corridor is Sedibeng, whose economy was centered around the steel industry is now experiencing serious decline. A new and diversified economy anchored on the Vaal River City's entertainment and tourism potential, logistics, agro-processing and urban agriculture is emerging. In Sedibeng we have commenced with the construction of the R 11 billion mega city; the Vaal River City, around which the new and diversified economy of this corridor will be anchored.

In addition we have made progress in building an integrated community, the Savanah City. This has created much needed employment and economic opportunities.

We are delighted that the Sedibeng Regional Sanitation Scheme, once a project that just seemed to be stuck at base camp, is now under construction.

To unlock the agro-processing potential of this corridor we have begun with infrastructure upgrades at the Vereeniging Fresh Produce Market with an initial investment seven million rand for infrastructure upgrades. Furthermore our project targeting 32 black farmers for support in planting barley to be supplied to the Heineken factory in Sedibeng is well on track.

Programme Director, we are hard at work, reasoma, hatira, come walk the journey with us. Going forward through the implementation of the Sedibeng Economic and Industrial Plans effort to reignite and diversify the economy of this Corridor will be intensified. Indeed our cities have become centers of development and growth. We have since seen major developments which include huge infrastructure investments which have created much needed jobs. Through our cities we are transform the spatial economy of the Gauteng City Region.

Public Transport

As the ANC we have also been investing heavily in modernizing our public transport infrastructure. This will be anchored by an improvement in our road network, a reliable and safe commuter rail system that integrates PRASA and Gautrain with the BRTs and Gautrain forming part of our initiatives in this regard. Working with the taxi industry, we will make sure that they are also integrated as part of our modern public transport system.

In the coming years we will continue to invest massively towards the improvement of our road infrastructure. Equally we are well on track in building an intermodal public transport system that is safe, reliable and affordable so as to alleviate the undue burden of high travel costs. Working with National Government and Municipalities, we are in the process of establishing a transport authority that will coordinate and ensure integration in the transport sector. As the ANC, we have taken note that despite the revised e-toll dispensation many of our motorists are saying they still cannot afford the costs of e-tolls. The ANC cares and we listen. We will continue to engage with all the relevant stakeholders to find a lasting solution that will remove the socioeconomic burden on your shoulders.

Human settlements

We are hard at work providing shelter for the people of our province. Since the advent of democracy in our country, we have built more than 900 000 houses across all regions in Gauteng, providing decent shelter for more than 5 million people. As part of restoring the dignity of our people, we have, since January 1996, we have issued more than 300 000 households have received title deeds.

As part of transforming apartheid spatial configuration, work has already started to build integrated mega cities across the City Region. These cities will ensure that social and economic opportunities are within walking distance; there will be clinics, schools, libraries, recreational facilities, shopping centres and business sites.

In the past few years we have been working hard to eradicate the inhuman system of hostels. As we build new cities, working with our municipalities we are now ensuring that the people who lived in the hostels should be integrated into communities. Angeke sinilahle bantu basemaHostel. Nakini iyeza ithunthuko. Abantu abahlala emijondolo siyeza nakini! We are already allocating serviced stands because during Ntirhisano many of you have told us that you want to build for yourselves. You have told us to help with putting in place basic services such as piped water, mask light, formalize the areas and issue title deeds. Re le utlwile, re tla etsa jwalo! Re sebetsa le lona! Remember Local government is in your hands.


As the ANC we believe the only weapon we can give our children is education. It is for this reason that over the years we have been investing in education and particularly public schooling. This has resulted in townships schools performing far better and giving us more bachelor passes. We are well on track in modernizing the provision of quality public education, today in almost all of our schools we have launched the classroom of the future. We are a smart province.

Quality Health Care

The ANC over the years has significantly improved the delivery of quality health care. We have built more clinics that are now within 5km radius and our communities now have access to quality health care. As the ANC we are now introducing e-health in all of our health facilities. There will be no long ques anymore our people will be served with dignity and will get the best quality health care.

The ANC has invested tremendously on health care, today we have improved the life expectancy, many have access to HIV treatments and we are winning the war against TB. Building a Strong Developmental Local Government As the ANC over the past fifteen years built a strong activist and participatory government. Working with you the people, we have established institutions of participatory democracy, with the aim to ensure that communities are part of decision- making in government as a whole. In addition we have introduced Ntirhisano, a community outreach programme which has seen us at local and provincial government engaging with communities, with the intention to resolve their challenges. We care, We act!

Working with you we have visited more than 50 communities across the province. We have done so because we want to change the way government works with communities. We are changing the way government delivers services to communities.

Whilst there has been protest linked to service delivery across our cities and others mainly linked to the delivery of houses and lack of jobs, because of how we have been working through Ntirhisano we have seen protests going down in our province.

Whilst we uphold and respect the right of people to protest, protests must not be violent and should not lead to damage to property, especially schools, clinics, creches and centres of service delivery.

We therefore condemn the violent and destructive protests and call our people to respect the rights of others whilst engaging in protests. We will not allow such action and we will act harshly because we are building all these facilities as part of investing in the future, of our children. I also urge you to disist from land invasion we are developing with you, we have a plan.

Le seka la itseela mobu. Kamoka re tla aga matlo!

As the ANC over the past years we have ensured that our municipalities are financial viable and sustainable. Many of our cities have built capacity and capability to collect revenue and directed revenue towards service delivery and infrastructure development.

Our cities are well run. They have significantly improved their financial management. This resulted in many of our municipalities receiving unqualified and clean audits. On Wednesday the 1st of June, the Auditor General confirmed that Gauteng municipalities are among the best run in the country. They have strong internal controls and continue to improve on their financial management.

We take this opportunity to congratulate both the City of Ekurhuleni and the City of Johannesburg on achieving improved credit rating from international rating agencies. This attests to the strength of our cities, their sound financial standing as well as their position as competitive destinations for local and foreign investment. We also note with appreciation that Moody's is the second and recent international rating agency to give a thumbs-up to the City of Johannesburg's finances and standing as a competitive investment destination, this after Fitch did the same early this year. Where there are weaknesses, we will continue to work hard to bring improvements.

We will not lower the bar!

Delivering basic services

The ANC working with you, over the last two decades of democratic local government, have significantly improved on the delivery of basic services, such as electricity, water and sanitation, refuse removal, cleaning of towns and our streets. Currently in Gauteng 90.9% of households have access to sanitation, 83.8% have access to electricity, 89.1% to refuse removal. While these figures compare favorably to those in many parts of our country, we will not rest until we reach the goal of universal access to electricity, sanitation and refuse removal.

Fighting crime and corruption

Our resolve to fight crime is unshakeable. Hence, where corruption rears its ugly head, we have acted against corrupt civil servants and public representatives. We have also strengthened and improved transparency in the system of government in particular on procuring services. We have built a clean and accountable local government. We have ensured police visibility and build a strong movement against crime in our communities. Going forward we will implement the open tender system across all of our municipalities. We are serious about fighting corruption and building a clean and efficient local government. We reiterate that crime, corruption and maladministration have no place in Gauteng. As the ANC we will not tolerate shoddiness and incompetence!


Programme Director, once again, let me thank our people for always believing in the ANC. Let us work together to build our country. From the beginning, during the years of resistance to the period of democratic transition, you have always put your hopes on the shoulders of this giant movement, the African National Congress. Let me assure you that as the ANC We will not take your support for granted. We promise to always work with you. Together with you, we will implement all the plans in our Manifesto!

As the ANC we will always humble ourselves before you, the people. Where we have difficulties and challenges, we will always come to you to report, listen to you and take guidance and your wise counsel. We ask all of you, young and old, to VOTE for the ANC on the 03 August 2016. As we go out campaigning, going door-to-door, factory to factory and shopping centres, as ANC volunteers let us uphold the code of conduct of the IEC to ensure free and fair elections. I call upon ANC supporters, wherever you are, please do not get involved in acts of violence or any activity that disrupt meetings or hinder elections work of others. Let us lead by example. Programme Director, as I leave here today, I have no doubt that our people will once again give the ANC the mandate to govern our cities and towns for the next five years. Go out in your millions to vote and ensure a resounding victory for the anc. let no one who deserve to vote stay at home on the 3rd of august.

Local government is in your hands

I wish all of you the best in the campaign, especially our Moses Kotane Volunteers.

Thank you very much!

Re a leboga!
Re kho lebowa!
Baie dankie!
Ha khensa; Inkomu!
God bless South Africa, God bless the Africa!
Hosi katekisa Afrika Dzonga; Hosi katekisa Afrika!
Asinamona, asinanzondo, siyayidumisa iANC!
Mayihlome! Ke nako!